About Us



Our purpose is to modernize soccer and bring together a lifestyle to many.

We are passionate about making an indoor soccer facility unique and forward looking.

Our focus is on the local community and becoming the “go to” soccer spot.

We believe that soccer has yet to grow in many suburban areas of the United States, while making further developments both creatively and structurally.



In the US, soccer has gradually evolved and developed to become another major sport. Nevertheless there are yet many areas where soccer has not fully developed. We want to target these areas and give soccer a modern look.

By incorporating a health conscious environment along with a foundation in social networking we want to become a way for players and fans to communicate.

The Futbol Club wants to establish a longstanding relationship with the soccer community so that the sport may evolve positively and develop creatively.



The Futbol Club believes that soccer is a lifestyle for many.

Our mission is to address the needs of players and fans by creating a place for them to connect and share a common interest.

We want to become a source for soccer by taking a traditional model and incorporating new ideas.

Above all our mission is to guarantee an overall sports experience while maintaining higher standards of service and professionalism.